Thunder Tigers @ BAF days 2023

Meet the Thunder Tigers: four operational F-16 pilots of 31 “Tiger” Squadron, based in Kleine-Brogel.
Led by “TOBI”, they will show you their all during the Belgian Air Force Days.

During a ten minute demo, consisting of different formation, passes, breaks and high-G manoeuvres, they will show the public the true capabilities of the “Mighty Viper”.
For the last time ever, they will perform their demo using their beloved “X-Tiger”, a jet which received a special paint in honour of the NATO Tiger Meet.

Interesting to know, these pilots are operational pilots, training day-to-day to acquire and maintain different currencies and qualifications in order to be ready when our Belgian F-16s deploy abroad.
They aren’t full-time demonstration pilots, but for the Belgian Air Force Days they will gladly make an exception!