31SQN is proud to announce an XT-roar-dinary Tiger Event, called ‘XTM Joint Jubilee 2021’.
Main theme is 60 years Nato Tiger Association along with 70 years 31SQN & 50 years Sanicole Aeroclub.

Stay tuned for more intel!

The squadron

cropped-logo31.pngAs a multirole squadron, 31 can be tasked to perform Air to Air missions as well as Air to Ground missions. In a nutshell, the Air to Air missions can be done to defend friendly territory from outsiders or to clear the way for bombers above enemy territory. The Air to Ground missions are mainly performed to slow down or eliminate enemy ground troops and ground based air defences. Fighters can also be "on call" to lend support to friendly ground troops having problems in the field. 31 squadron is part of NATO's High Readiness Forces and is permanently ready to fulfill these tasks in order to protect Belgian national airspace and territory, to support its NATO allies and to perform Peace Support missions under a United Nations mandate.


The history of the 31st Tiger Squadron goes back to the 1st of October 1951. On that day it was founded, as part of the 10th Tactical Wing at Beauvechain Airbase, together with 23 and 27 squadron.


In order to maintain it’s operational capabilities, the squadron must constantly manage it’s personnel in an efficient way. This is key, to allow everyone to participate in operations, continue training, keep up with new tactics and technologies and improve day by day.

Commanding Officers

The Commanding Officer or CO is the ‘boss’ of the squadron. In the yard of the Tiger squadron there is a F-104 Starfighter wingtank with all the names of the 31 Co’s, dating back from 1951 til present CO.

Latest news

XTM exercise part cancelled

XTM exercise part cancelled

Due to COVID-19 measures in place one month prior to startex, the exercise part of the XTM21 has been cancelled. Nevertheless we are thrilled to keep most of our the social activities such as TGIF, formal dinner and Tiger Games XTM over the weekend.

2021 XTM X-Tiger ready to prowl the skies

2021 XTM X-Tiger ready to prowl the skies

On Friday the 16th of July at 10 am, the freshly painted FA-136 “X-Tiger” took the skies. A design created by Johan Wolfs and executed by the KeeBee paintshop and plotter section. An XT-ROAR-DINARY paint for an extraordinary event, our 2021 XTM X-Tiger is now ready to prowl the skies. 

XTM21 update – Activities & participants

XTM21 update – Activities & participants

We have an update on participants and more…