Steven 'Vrieske' De Vries

Vrieske started his career in PROM 90B and got his wings in 1992. He has therefore been a fixed value at Defense for more than 30 years. After the Marchetti and Alpha Jet he always flew on F-16. Arriving in KeeBee in 1995, he was taken under the wing of the 23rd Devil Squadron as a young pilot. He quickly acquired the flying skills and became a pilot with the 31st Tiger Squadron after the dissolution of the 23rd.

Vrieske took part in almost all operations where our Air Force was present since the mid 1990s. Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Afghanistan, the Baltic States, Iraq, Syria…! Few major International exercises still hold secrets for him.
He was also the first non-US F-16 pilot to clock 5,000 hours in the Viper!

Tons of experience, full of energy, sense of precision, always ready and deployable… in short, a very good profile to represent our Air Force as a demo pilot.